Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Processing & Packaging of a Specified Prepared Chilled Food Product Assignment

Processing & Packaging of a Specified Prepared Chilled Food Product - Assignment Example Such chain incorporates consumer refrigerators and retail displays. The chilled food must be microbiologically safe at the consumption point by controlling pathogens that lead to food-born disorders. The integrity of the entire food chain determines the quality and safety of chilled food including storage and preparation by the consumers. However, the diversity of raw material, conditions for processing and packaging system presents impossibility for designing the effective single framework for microbiological safety. Manufacturers have hard tasks to comply with legislation and safety requirements (International Commission on Microbiological Specifications for Foods. 2005). They must ensure raw material quality, temperature, acidity, water, modified temperature and hygienic processing. Such consideration collapse into designing sufficient control of microbiological growth. Thus, preventing food spoilage and development of conditions that facilitate the occurrence of food-borne diseas es. The manufacturer must, therefore, determine the effective choice and merger of such safety elements to hit an optimum shelf life for products. Further, the manufacturer establishes product usage conditions that ensure food safety for consumer utilization. The product that I will discuss in this essay is Pizza Dough. The dough is a lean, yeast-leavened bread-type dough. It is similar to the French bread and Middle Eastern flat breads. The Pizza crusts or shell fall under thin or thick crust. There may be a variation in the formulation of crust based on makeup equipment, desired eating properties, and thickness. However, the commercial and wholesale Pizza dough has a higher level of fats that help with the greater speed dough processing. The ingredients include flour, yeast, shortening or vegetable oil, salt, water and sugar. There are also a number of optional ingredients such as reducing agents, mold inhibitors, and

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